We provide service to organizations to deepen their understanding of ethics in behavioral healthcare.

Healthcare delivery systems are increasingly complex and ethically fraught. They demand that providers maintain a sharp focus on their healing mission to ensure that the best interests of their patients, clients, and employees are served.

We help organizations and individuals navigate this ever-changing terrain. We leverage our expertise to provide clients the tools they need to build ethically-informed cultures of care.


We provide ethics education, consultation, and training services to behavioral healthcare agencies. Our ethicists are available to support your organization’s ethics committee or ethics officer by reviewing cases, providing resources, and offering recommendations on a case-by-case basis.


We offer several kinds of education and training programs, all customizable to meet your organization’s specific needs. These might include, but are not limited to: leadership retreats, comprehensive seminars, and ethics training and support.

Policy Development

We assess organizational needs and design ethics policies and procedures for a range of topics including: ethics committee make-up and consultation process, conflicts of interest, mental health research ethics, ethical-legal conflicts, matters of individual conscience, client-provider boundaries, and client confidentiality. 

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